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Green Initiatives

2017 TripAdvisor Greenleaders Silver Status


West Palm Beach FL (June 26, 2017) — CASA GRANDVIEW today proudly announced it has been accepted as a Silver Level Greenleader into the TripAdvisor® GreenLeaders™ program, which helps travelers around the world plan greener trips by highlighting hotels and B&Bs engaging in environmentally-friendly practices.

TripAdvisor GreenLeaders properties have met a set of environmental standards developed for TripAdvisor by a leading environmental consulting firm, with input from expert partners. The “more green” practices a hotel has in place, the higher its GreenLeader level, which is shown on the property’s listing on the TripAdvisor site

Our Commitment

Casa Grandview Historic Luxury Inn Cottages and Suites in West Palm Beach is committed to providing a luxurious, warm and welcoming eco-friendly retreat for our guests while maintaining a positive balance with the local and global environment to meet the growing public demand for a "greener" lifestyle.

While we strive to deliver exceptional comfort and service to each guest, we continue to incorporate newer products and eco-friendly practices to ensure the health and safety of our guests and that the natural beauty of South Florida is preserved for future generations to visit and enjoy.

Present practices include use of tropical xeriscaping throughout the property, recycling partnerships within our City and Clean the World Progam, addition of energy efficient appliances and high SEER HVAC, water saving feautures, and our continuing conversion to LED lighting.
At Casa Grandview we encourage our guests to indulge in the amenities offered at the Inn “guilt free” as a means to renew and restore their own personal energy which is often depleted from the demands of everyday life.

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Our Latest 2016 Eco-Friendly Endeavor:

Charleston Cottage: The new standing seam metal roof is considered a somewhat of a lifetime roof, and can withstand winds over 120 miles per hour!  While replacing one’s asphalt shingle roof is not big news, what is "big news" is:

Our new Green Roof is Eco-friendly: Manufactured from recycled materials. Recycled-content roof shingles help divert waste from landfills; whereby, reducing our need to extract and process raw materials, which lowers energy consumption and reduces pollution. Some of these recycled products are recyclable, too, and many come with these amazing 50-year warranties.  This is our fifth Green Roof installation on property.


Working diligently to minimize the amount of waste going into our landfills and to conserve our natural resources particularly through energy and water conservation and by recycling all materials possible, reusing non-recyclables as dictated by common sense, sanitary conditions and ability of a material to be reused.

Making environmental considerations part of our everyday business decision making process including but not limited to purchasing products made from recycled materials, purchasing energy star rated appliances, buying local, and buying products in bulk and supporting the local community.

• Valuing the natural and cultural heritage of South Florida and to help guests enjoy and appreciate an authentic local experience

• Complying with all applicable environmental laws and striving to follow best environmental practice in all facets of operations without compromising guest comfort

• Building partnerships with other inns and businesses to strengthen business relationships and a sense of "community" and to effect positive awareness and practice changes toward the protection of our natural resources, local culture, and our environment

• Soliciting feedback and suggestions from our guests regarding the Inn's environmental practices

• Identifying areas for environmental improvements in our operations and continuing to make improvements that promote conservation and reduce the waste stream and carbon footprint of our business

Green Practices

• Widespread use of LED lighting

• Use of dimmable lights and timers throughout common areas

• Individually controlled heat and air conditioning zones in most guestrooms

• Use of hypo-allergenic, sustainable sheets, towels, robes, and organic cotton duvets (Cotton and bamboo items do not add VOC's to the air in guestrooms. Synthetic fabrics are not sustainable and use petrochemicals for manufacture.)

• Use of biodegradable amenities with biodegradable cornstarch bottles for bath and biodegradable, hypo-allergenic amenities in a dispenser system for showers (Our amenities use no animal by-products and do not use animals for testing)

• Purchase and use of energy efficient appliances

• Recycle newspapers, bags, cardboard, metal, plastics, bar soap, and reuse of furniture, china, linens, lighting, bicycles, beach gear, and coolers via donations to local charities

• Donation of old linens and towels for reuse at animal shelters, donate old bathrobes, unused shampoos/conditioners and unclaimed guest clothing to local charities and bar soap to Clean the World Program

• Recycling centers in vacation rentals, guestrooms, and common areas for newspapers, plastic, glass and metals; housekeepers remove recyclable goods from rooms (i.e. newspapers, plastic bottles, soda cans)

• Post placards to announce waste reduction options and available guest participation in being "green"

• Use of eco-friendly and steam cleaning products

• Purchase concentrated cleaning supplies in bulk and use refillable bottles as well as phosphate-free laundry soaps in bulk and recycle plastic soap containers

• Use of daily newspapers available centrally to all guests instead of automatically to all guest rooms, and paperless e-mail confirmations, correspondence, and guest receipts