Art Deco Cabana Suites

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1-2 BR Stylish, Spacious, and Affordable Accommodations

Casa Grandview's 1948 Art Deco Cabana Suites are private luxury residence suites, reminiscent of Miami Beach "Deco Drive" located across from the main resort on New York Street.

Offering 5 stylish boutique extended stay accommodations (Three 1BR/1BA and Two 2BR/1BA), for the budget-minded traveler with sophisticated taste. White picket fences and lush tropical palms surround the spacious courtyard with Adirondack chairs and laid back casual grilling and lounging areas.

Full access to all resort amenities. 530-821 sq ft.  $175-$250 Night.  May be rented individually or jointly as a group for total of 7BR/5BAs.   

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South Beach Art Deco Cottage

  • South Beach Cottage

Experience the ultimate in privacy and solace in your 425 sq ft, 1BR/1BA, private cottage for two, surrounded by tropical palms. Hip boutique stylish décor, retro kitchen, terrazzo floors, and colorful furnishings make this gem a hit and an ideal setting for honeymooners or solo travelers. Casa Grandview’s 1948 South Beach Art Deco Cottage brings the Florida tropics indoors with bright limes, fushia, and turquoise accents.  $175-$225  More Amenities

Tropical Haven Cabana Suite

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Casa Grandview’s -1BR/1BA, 530 sq ft. 1948 Tropical Haven Cabana Suite is like stepping into paradise, where tropical gardens flow, in a setting of green splendor combined with luxurious, exotic, island motif and flair. Pure stye is reflected in every room, with organic bedding in vibrant patterns made of natural sustainable eco-certified materials. $175-$225  More Amenities

Barefoot Ocean Breeze Cabana Suite

Casa Grandview’s 1BR/1BA, 530 sq ft. -1948 Art Deco Barefoot Ocean Breeze Cabana Suite is Inspired by the breezes of the ocean and the soothing colors of the sea, the luxurious décor reflects modern simplicity originally inspired by the simple seaside cottages and “barefoot chic” ethos found throughout the Geek Isles. A favorite among guests with its soft blues and rich Caribbean furnishings make this an ideal getaway!  $175-$225  More Amenities


Coastal Seaside Cabana Suite

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Casa Grandview's 1948 Coastal Seaside Cabana Suite -2BR/1BA-821 sq. ft. offers an oasis of serene beauty, reminiscent of balmy sea breezes- welcomes guests with a laid-back style and unpretentious charm. Step into a backdrop of stunning and luxurious coastal seaside décor and pristine nature with endless ways to spend your days. $200-$250  More Amenities


Urban City Chic Cabana Suite

  • Urban City Chic Cabana Suite

Casa Grandview’s - 2BR/1BA 821 sq ft - 1948 Art Deco Urban City Chic Cabana Suite offers a plush and sophisticated setting. This spacious contemporary historic luxury suite offers a relaxing and modern environment with a cosmopolitan atmosphere set in the exuberance of Downtown, culture, and nightlife. If you love contemporary – this suite is for you! Bold reds, blacks, lime green, turquoise, oranges - with urban chic furnishings and hardwood flooring. $225-$275  More Amenities


The Casa Grandview stylish Art Deco Cabana Suites have become a favorite among many of our past guests, especially the European and international travelers.  With its hardwood flooring throughout, spacious interiors, kitchens and living spaces,  front and rear entries, and private courtyard for sunbathing or relaxing, as well as the uniqueness of each individual decor, make this 1948 property a hit among West Palm Beach travelers who enjoy reliving Old Florida Palm Beach style vacationing. The cutting edge amenities and state of the art technology make this a Four Diamond Rated hotel property worthy of many return visits.